If you’re looking for information on the current evidence on CTG, read Dr Kirsten Smalls info blog.

Birth Small Talk

Photo by Matt Walsh on Unsplash

If you have read one of my blogs before, you’ll know that I have an interest in research around the use of CTG monitoring, particularly during labour. There’s a widespread misunderstanding about the evidence base, with many people who work in or make use of maternity care services assuming that CTG monitoring improves outcomes for the baby. This post summarises and signposts what I have written previously to make it easier for readers who might want to get across the research themselves.

  • Four things I wish everyone knew about CTG monitoring: This post contains a succinct summary of four key messages.
  • Does intrapartum CTG monitoring save lives? I am the primary author (along with Professor Mary Sidebotham, Professor Jennifer Fenwick and Professor Emeritus Jenny Gamble) of a systematic literature review examining the research about the use of CTG monitoring for women considered to be…

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